Victor Gaxiola

Webvisor provides a comprehensive and concise blueprint for any financial advisor that is looking to develop or enhance their digital (on-line) strategy.


Victor Gaxiola

Social Media Strategist


Michael W. Byrnes, Jr.

Many advisors are still behind the times when it comes to having a strong online presence.  This book is a solid resource for those that want to catch up with the way businesses are continuing to evolve.  If a firm implements this advice, client communications will improve, increasing retention and referrals, and its reach will be expanded, making it easier to bring in new business.
Mike Byrnes

Founder and President, Byrnes Consulting, LLC


Robert M. Gignac

Webvisor is a witty and entertaining introduction to the on-line world for financial advisors interested in using technology to build their practice
Robert Gignac

Author - Rich is a State of Mind


Bill Winterberg, CFP®

The Web is irreversibly changing the way financial advisors market, connect, and interact with clients and prospects. Webvisor cuts through the clutter and jargon to deliver a clear, concise guide advisors can follow to achieve more success in today’s digital world.


Bill Winterberg, CFP®

Technology Columnist, Morningstar Advisor

Principal of www.FPPad.com

Joel P. Bruckenstein

Few financial advisors have effective websites; even fewer have an effective social media presence. Webvisor: The Financial Advisor’s Guide to the Internet should help alter the status quo. It is filled with practical, actionable advice about how to leverage the Internet to build your practice and better serve your clients.


Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFP®

Publisher of Technology Tools for Today (formerly Virtual Office News).
Information about hiring Mr. Bruckenstein as a consultant or as a speaker for your event is available at www.joelbruckenstein.com.

Nelson Simoes

Webvisor eliminates a lot of the guesswork involved in making the shift online.
Nelson Simoes, BBA, CFP, FMA, CSWP

Certified Financial Planner
Member of the Million Dollar Round Table


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